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Our Crypto Future is a site that delivers news of todays technology to site readers on weekly basis – we seek the news from different sources and bring them into this one site for you to read in English.

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Decentralized network

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Web is full of news sites and we are one of them – our scope is limited and targets are clear – we want to bring interesting articles for you to read.

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency for financial transactions.


Hide your messages in plain sight

Cryptography is a method of developing techniques and protocols to prevent a third party from accessing and gaining knowledge of the data from the private messages during a communication process.

Stops communication data theft

Privacy is only a click away

Keep your messages private


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We cover a wide selection of sites where we seek for the latest and best news for you to read about cryptocurrencies


NFT, gaming, play-to-earn – we cover also the gaming aspect of tomorrow’s World


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There are thousands of videos about cryptos, but we have chosen one of those, in case you need to start from very beginning. This video gives some background of what cryptocurrencies are about.


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Our Crypto Future is a news site about Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Blockchain technology. We bring news from all around the World as we like - so we are not to cover everything!






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