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This site You are on and visiting right now, is our First English language Cryptosite – we do have others in Finnish language.

We do have other sites with other themes such as cars and traffic, health, Esports, technology, casinos, slots, and we have sites in different languages such as in German and in Swedish.

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services we offer

We offer a scale of services in marketing and SEO. If your business suits our themes, we can offer a natice article placement on suitable themed site.

SEO content

Do you seek help in getting your site found? We can help You in those GEOs we work with: FI, GE, EN and SE

Easy process

We work on contract basis – you need content, or you have the content already – and just need a place to publish it.


There is no such thing as a free lunch- so our services have a price.

Investment opportunities

On this site, we bring opportunities for you to deside, whether to get in, or not. We do not however provide any financial consultancy.

Buy & Sell

We will show You ways to trade in the World of Cryptocurrencies

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Our Crypto Future is a news site about Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Blockchain technology. We bring news from all around the World as we like - so we are not to cover everything!






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