Blockchain expert Anndy Lian explains why he invested in XRdoge

GLASGOW, Scotland, Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Despite meme coins leading the charge in crypto markets in the last couple of years, many still see them as a bit of fun and not a serious investment. But In a recent interview with journalist Emma Robb, Anndy Lian – winner of Best Crypto Advisor 2021 Blockchain Awards – explained why he feels meme coins are a serious investment, and why he has personally invested in XRdoge.

Meme coins are undervalued because when people look at them, they only look at the fun aspects. If you look very deeply, fun is just the first level of attraction, making you want to know more. Level two is the community.

Anndy – a leading blockchain advisor to major corporations as well as governments – went on to say:

“I was one of the first few guys who thought institutions should start looking at meme coins…I think institutions should really look at how meme coins can be added into their portfolio, while meme coins should get an institution to say they bought into their coin.”

In December 2021, Anndy – Chairman of BigONE Exchange – named XRdoge as one of ‘The five best crypto investments of 2021.’ When asked why he picked a relatively new XRPL meme coin, Anndy went on to say:

I think XRDoge has what it takes to be the main meme coin at the XRP family…For the investors, the most important thing is to start a certain hype to get an institutional investor on board. Once the institution comes in, together with what we have right now, the jump in terms of price or potential will be great — another 100X, I guess, is not a big problem.

The XRdoge team has not been quiet about its goal to join the ranks of Dogecoin & Shiba Inu at the top end of the crypto world, and it seems in winning Anndy Lian as an investor, they have found a great resource of wisdom and experience.

As for myself, I think with my involvement as an investor I can try to gather more resources in the space. I will definitely be there to give them my few cents, and create more trust for their community to know that I’m still here to see the growth of the company.”

The full interview by Emma Robb, with Anndy Lian, on why he invested in XRodge can be found here.

Anndy Lian, is Chairman of the BigONE exchange, blockchain and crypto advisor for governments and multinational companies, product leader, investor, writer, and Best Crypto Advisorat the 2021 Blockchain Awards.

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